Mini rework - Fiora

Hi, I'm a Fiora otp on EUW and NA and I have been thinking about Fiora's kit for a bit. Just wanted to share my thoughts and maybe get some feedback. Thank you in advance. Passive - Duelist Dance ~Have the scaling changed to total ad instead of bonus ad - thoughts: her items are pretty damn expensive ravhydra 3500g, triforce 3777g and ddance 3500g. This would also help her in the "tank meta" and a bit in the mid game since her win rate pre 30 minutes is pretty bad. And if you're not slightly ahead you're pretty much useless. Q - Lunge ~+50 range - thoughts: I think since her rework her dash has been a bit lackluster cuz it got half the range of her old q. This is so you can catch people or hit minions a bit better instead missing it by a pixel and having to wait a long time to get it back. ~Mana refund on kill - thoughts: Fiora's biggest weakness is her mana pool, you will find yourself running out of mana really quick in almost any situation. So this is just a small change that could help her in the laning phase. W - Riposte ~This should just remain as a single target counter that's all. E - Bladework ~Have it work the same as Jax w on turrets - thoughts: Currently Fiora doesnt really fit into any comps, all she does is duel people.. She is more of a counter pick to Aatrox and Irelia. She is bad at team fighting and her splitpush is also terrible, the only way for her splitpush to be good is with mountain drakes or demolish. And the bonus 50% atkspd she gets would also be nice to have when splitpushing(I could see it being cut down to 35% on turrets) R - Grand Challenge ~Give her a dmg reduction(10% > 15% > 20%) when she ults - thoughs: I got this idea from the old passive 'Spear of Shojin'(gave dmg reduction when there were 3 or more people near you) used to have, I tried it out when it was on the pbe and it makes her more viable. Of course you can't give her the reset mechanic cuz that's the reason it didnt make it to live servers. At the moment Fiora just gets blown up in team fights and I feel like she should have a chance to last a bit longer. Ofcourse I wouldnt mind if her movement speed from her ult gets cut down a bit to balance it better for the dmg reduction passive. The idea for her ultimate passive could be scrapped because of my thoughts on her passive(Duelist Dance) being changed to total ad. Let me know what you think, are my thoughts good or straight up dumb?? Let me know please.
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