Better "bugfix" Yorick, am I right?

>Mistwalkers and The Maiden now draw minion and turret aggro onto Yorick if they damage an enemy champion Why are you shitting on Yorick so hard? Minions will now do more damage in an early trade to you than ghouls will do to the opponent; add to that, the opponent can kill 3, leave a ghoul alive, and then continue to face tank that ghoul to draw aggro on you, only raising the discrepancy between your trading power vs their minion wave - and thus denying you the ability to NOT draw aggro until the ghoul dies. You just put so much of Yorick's agency in the opponent being absolutely retarded - AGAIN, neutering the champion in higher elo play while this will guaranteed not do shit against his "overbearing" status in bronze. In addition to that, because of how Maiden and Ghouls are coded, your ability to tower push gets hurt too. Because they aggro onto whoever's hitting Yorick, you can no longer make a push by ignoring the enemy laner and prioritizing tower because they'll aggro the champion if they attack you - and then the tower (and all of their minions) aggro YOU. There's no way this is a bug fix if it's been there since his release. You wanted to nerf Yorick without drawing heat. btw NONE OF THE OTHER PET SUMMONER CHAMPIONS WORK LIKE THIS. Not Malzahar, not Zyra, not Annie. Just Yorick.
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