Jungle has honestly never felt better.

Gonna copy-paste this here because I feel like it deserves its own post, so here ya go; > _I played a match just now._ > > _Jungle has never felt better for me. :c_ > > _ I have been playing League since season 2. It's been a wild ride. So many metas have come and gone and so many champs have been left in the dust, but the one role I loved to play (jungle) has always felt so... lackluster. Everything that made it good or playable got removed because LCS Boiz can't keep their grubby hands off of stupid combos._ > > _ But honestly? This patch, right here, made jungle good again._ > > _ No more stupid catch up experience for people who are 0-5 to get into the game after a single freakin' clear. > No more bs back to back to back ganks, farming is an acceptable alternative, now. Just make sure you control your jungle, because guess what? > COUNTERJUNGLING is back, baby! And oh boy does it feel great. You know what you do when you see them take that juicy scuttler on the other half of the map from you? > TAKE THEIR ENTIRE JUNGLE ON YOUR SIDE. > More xp. More gold. Denies them even harder since catchup xp went bye bye._ > > _Sure, you can't just play mindless cc drones and win jungle games for free because you pressed r on the guy who dies in one hit. (I mean that can still happen but there's more leading to it now.)_ > > _I honestly don't see anyone who is from my period of playing complaining about the jungle changes. They scoot the smallest amount of early pressure into the ability to actually SCALE and OUTPLAY and CARRY as a JUNGLER that ISN'T **MASTER YI.**_ Go ahead and put your feelings about the patch in the comments but this is honestly how I feel. It's nice not to get to wolves on your first clear and see a Lee Sin double kill bot lane because he got 3 faster than you can get your buff. The metas gonna shift a bit and some old timey classic junglers might just see a resurgence since there's not so much pressure on repeated ganks any more. I'm super excited to see what people come up with, and even more excited to see what is good!
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