i have a crazy idea... get rid of upfront burst from runes/ items

how about we get rid of the shit like that adds damage to this game for no reason we don't need shit that "gives X for doing Y" like electrocute.. dark harvest masteries are supposed to be like http://abccbaandy.github.io/league-S4mastery-calc/ not "do this and and have some magical lightning drop for they sky that does 500 damage" that is the issue with this game and then it rid of items like {{item:3147}} which give guaranteed upfront burst for doing a nothing and in {{item:3095}} case LITERALLY nothing for 3 second.. like come on also.. i have played for nearly six years.. i started in season 3, {{item:3124}} has NEVER been balanced... not once... literally... get over it.. and delete the item, your reworking {{champion:10}} anyways.. and she is the only champ that actually NEEDS it does ne1 else remember {{item:3124}} {{champion:76}} top builds? don't worry, you wouldn't want to anyways. riot has made a TON of improvements to the game... but the state of the actual GAMEPLAY is SHIT. and getting rid of upfront burst which serves no purpose... would make a HUGE difference

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