Thank you Morello for all the wonderful years you gave us

When you were still on the live design team you got criticized a lot, especially for nerfing champions and items or just removing them from the game if the nerfs didn't have the desired effect. You were not afraid to nerf a toxic champ towards a 40% winrate if you had too and leave them there for years if improvements could not be made. You sacrificed the needs of the 1 for the needs of the many and the main question you asked yourself was always "is this champ, strategy or item not only fun to play but also fun to play against." You were always the guy in the design team saying "well that seems overpowered so no you can't do that". I started during season 3 and every patch the game issues got addressed without people having to complain for months and months or having to go to reddit. Every season was an improvement and I was always looking forward to the changes to you were making because they made the game generally more fun. Thanks to your leadership and wisdom League grew and grew every season hitting its max popularity and player activity during season 5. When you left at the end of season 4 - premidseason 5 the game was realizing its full potential. Your work was finished and others had to take over to try and improve on your legacy. Unfortunately it hasn't turned out well. I remember people being happy when you left because you nerfed their champ countless times. Instead of nerfing strong champs Riot was going to buff weak champs and everybody was happy you left. Oh boy what were we wrong. Those same people now wish you were back. Endless cycles of buffing champs and items have lead to a powercreep never seen before and so many things that are unfun to play against, so many changes and reverts and more changes for the sake of changes and no real thought or goal behind them. The game has been going downhill for so long newer people don't even know how good the game actually used to be and only have season 6-7 as a reference and even compared to those seasons the game has been going downhill the past 2 years. The question if something is fun to play against has been completely trowed out the window. The objective is to push the game more and more towards pro play and LC$ and normal players have been left out in the cold for so long. So all what is left to say is thank you Morello. We didn't knew how good you were for us and the game until you left.
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