New Dev Team vs Old Dev Team

Let us define this: New Dev Team - Under Meddler. Many older designers either quit or left. Now mostly a new team. Old Dev Team - Under Morello. Came from over a decade of experience in champion design even before they started RIOT. ------------------- Old Dev Team - Said things like True Damage is a bad game mechanic due to driving an HP heavy meta, ADCs should be limited in both mobility and CC, and that overly complex itemization and champions looked flashy but were bad for game health. New Dev Team - Threw all of that in the trash. >< Old Dev Team - Used to be on the forums, every single day, discussing changes, reworks, and even designed a few champions WITH the playerbase, using Player creations for both skins and champion design. New Dev Team - Screw you players, we will do what we want. We know what is best. (I.E. Karma, Morde, Shaco, etc) >< Old Dev Team - Had a rich, and ever expanding lore system, including a weekly 'news paper' to tell you about the goins on in Runeterra. New Dev Team - That's stupid, people don't really care about the Lore, this is all about competition and tournaments. (Again, Recent example, Karma.) ----------------- What we basically see is a newer Dev team, lacking the decade and a half of design experience, and wishing to 'Prove they know how this game can be improved.' They no longer interact much with the playerbase, they make what ever changes they wish to see based on only Pro Player ideas, and somehow think that the E-Sports is what drives the economy of LoL. They ditch the rest of the 95% of the playerbase (where ALL OF THE MONEY COMES FROM) in exchange for their adamant idea that E-Spots will be the future of RIOT. Despite the fact that other games have vastly surpassed RIOT when it comes to E-Sports. A Single Minded focus on the pro-player base, whereas the Old Dev Team had never HAD a pro player base, and thus based their decisions on everyone. Want to know why your complaints are never fixed? Answer is here.

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