Is it me or LoL has became was too bursty

I played a lot of LoL in 2014 to 2015 and the game felt with one word - balanced. There were some bursty builds, but it was stacking burst that you expected and that the ads/ ap heroes buit through the game. Today I reinstalled as I was in a mood for some MOBA time and unistallled literally after 3 games - my Morgana E was like joke, it stopped Lux disable and Leona Q as intended, but it felt just useless, since either my adc or theirs just jumped and 3 shotted me or Leona like butter o.0 And it was on lower levels even... The other 2 games were like that also, but not even worth mentioning as it was the same - you get insta bursted or your team insta bursts, support skill feels jusst like a net, not an actual useful tool... It's either me getting old (31 RN) or the game is completely different. Can someone that played through S2 to now enlight me please what happened to LoL as it feels like HoTS overtuned new hero in every game :)
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