ADCs Need To Adapt

And I don't mean stop playing adc and pick up Mord bot. I mean learning all the new matchups correctly. ADC mains have developed a lot of great skills that has helped them rise up above others in the bot lane. However, something that most ADC mains lack is the ability to handle diversity.You're conditioned that the enemy ADC is the same as you and that only the supports determine what the lane looks like. Throughout most of your ADC career, you have faced only enemy ADCs. It's the role that has had the least amount of weird picks even in casual play. Always ADC vs ADC. Now, you're suddenly facing a variety of opponents and that is catching you offguard. The problem is you don't know how to lane versus other classes, not that ADCs are not viable anymore. Imagine if you're a mage that has never played versus a Zed or Yasou. You're obviously going to get stomped and then complain on forums that mages are unplayable. Or you're a low-mobility top lane melee bruiser that has never played versus a good kite champion top before. That just feels unfair as hell. It's time for ADCs to develop some of the skills needed to survive in other lanes. Time to change your items, not going full damage vs some matchups, change your trading behavior, etc. My hope is that adcs will be viable in different lanes as early game poke lane bullies that can also scale really well into the lategame. But not mandatory for both teams every game like it was before. EDIT: Common QQs: "Not even Korea is playing adcs!!" Yes they are, but they're spending a lot of time trying other champs bot since they're now also viable. Why would they keep playing the same champs they've played for years when it's a great time to try new things? People in NA are playing plenty of ADC too. "ADCs don't exist" is something I've seen a lot. It's laughable. I haven't seen all the LCK games but all the ones I saw had at least 1-2 adcs in them. I remember Lucian, Ezreal and Kaisa specifically. Really goes to show how disconnected people on these forums are with reality.
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