I am being matched people who are affecting my performance and there's nothing I can do about it.

To start off, I am not a new player. On this account however I had a 60% winrate until I played over the last two days. I am not the best player here and I do make mistakes. I have had a couple of bad games over the last two days and I do have negative KDA in some of them. Partly because after I ended the laning phase positive but found myself unable to do ANYTHING beyond it because I've been finding jungler and bot laners who have been feeding constantly. Not just a couple of kills but tons of them. Granted I have had a few bad matches and I don't expect people on the boards to think logically. A lot of people here never do, but I've had a good winstreak and the moment I hit Bronze II I started getting every single match where the jungler and the bot laners feed their asses off in multiple kills. Take a look at my match history. I am ready for idiots to come by and downvote this thread based on my KDA but it's always easier to go afk after a positive laning phase than actually trying to play even with a losing team where people won't try to get carried but instead try to make flashy LCS level plays and continue to feed in the process. It's very difficult to remain with a positive KDA in such cases unless where you haven't participated and gone afk with your lane KDA to bloat your ego. The quality of matchmaking has been incredibly shitty and I cannot be the only person here who is being plagued by bot laners who feed their asses off multiple kills. People who spam surrender as soon as the option comes up. And people who do not want to get carried but always want to duel despite being behind. I do not understand what has happened to matchmaking and while I am not the best player around and obviously have my bad games, I am very unsatisfied with games where I do very well, try to spread my lead, but people just grief, don't try to win, and keep fighting brainlessly instead of trying to get carried. This isn't even the start of the season. I cannot be the only person who is dissatisfied with the quality of matchmaking these days. Especially when you get paired with people who do not think twice before throwing games away and will not even try to support you spread your lead but instead actively work against till till any efforts to try and win will result in you getting beaten down by fed opponents eventually. The game needs better matchmaking. Don't come here pointing out my performance. It's easy to remain sharp when you haven't done any work and it's easy to sit back with a positive KDA when you haven't tried to spread your lead with feeding teammates.
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