Bad Season 9 ARURF PBE

I have played like 10 games of urf so far and I'm just not having the same fun I had with previous versions of ARURF. I think some of the things riot changed like with the Barron and Dragons were good but the catapult just isn't doing it for me. I hate the .5-1 sec delay after landing. In urf if you get behind you are dead and since you may not have the OP champs you can't come back from the whole that you have fallen into. I had just played a game where i was doing fine but started to lose so I just catapulted to my turret. WRONG i died every single time and the enemy always got out with half HP. That half a second delay just allowed for them to kill me. And then there is the gold and xp stuff. If you are behind you cant get ahead since it takes so long to level up in the early game. I'm level 4 or even 3 at some points and I get to lane the enemy is level 6. What can I do. I think the passive xp gain is too slow in the early game and there is just too much xp and gold put into kills. I have 1 item one the 4 more kills enemy has 3. It just isn't fun as normal. Its different.
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