Toning down Toxic champions

**Yasuo** Dash range decreased, cooldown reduced. Wind wall replaced with a Parry. A Yasuo should be strong as fuck 1v1, not get boosted by his team with knock ups and being a utility blocker. **Jax** Ultimate resistances reduced, attack speed increased on passive. He can build straight Triforce Steraks and be unkillable 1v1. The stats from his ult let him solo players with Sorcs, or Duskblade junglers with ease. Jax got caught out? Nah, pop ult and stun reversal. **Garen** Perserverence (His regen passive) needs a cooldown or a cap after X amount of health healed. He always wins lane, and wins the late game now.. thanks to getting 10 buffs in a row. **Aatrox** I don't think the movespeed increase to Aatrox was the way to go. Remove the movespeed and have his Ultimate double his cast range/radius of his abilities. He feels like he runs as fast as Singed ult when he ults... come on. **Akali** Her issue is the shroud giving movespeed. I would move this over to her passive granting movespeed, rather than having her gain udyr/yi like speed just by casting shroud. Essentially a W nerf for a way better passive. (maybe proc off casting Q or hitting champions?) with a reduced circle range. **Fiora** I think it's best to rework her weak points. Right now everyone complains about the hit boxes.. just simply remove two weak points and keep it at 2 per champion. (Like front and back or east and west on the map) So if a Fiora hits you in the back then your face, you kinda deserve to die in that 1v1.
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