RIOT PLS WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE GOD DAMN LISTEN!!!111 (Rant about new Masteries)

~~Whew that was a long thread, if this goes unread... again... I give up, what's the point of me writing long threads to help point out some flaws in design when it's never read!~~ With the new masteries coming out, there is one BIG problem. Certain masteries work too well for certain champions even though there are other masteries that have been designed for their role. As a result, certain champions cannot use any other masteries without losing out on a substantial power. Additionally, they become harder to balance because if they are balanced around one mastery and not the others, they become really weak when using other masteries! For example, the new recently announced mastery, 'meteor' and say, Lux for example. It is clear that this mastery will work pretty well with her because she has 1 hard cc spell and a reasonable slow spell making it reasonably easy for the meteor to hit. My concern is, that because she works so well with this particular mastery, she will likely not be able to use other masteries that are designed for mages because she will be losing out on lots of damage and power! Additionally it will likely mean that she will have to be solely balanced around this particular mastery, and she will likely be potentially nerfed as a result, making other masteries even less viable! What's the point of adding something to play around that becomes nigh 'impossible' to play around when used on certain champions. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ This is absurd, it's one of the many flaws of the old mastery system. All the masteries provided reasonably similar level strengths of buffs to damage and/or utility. However some champions *cough Anivia* found certain masteries *cough thunderlords* far too easy to exploit and use as soon as they came off cooldown. Some champions were also much more effective with certain masteries than others *cough Brand* *cough DeathFireTouch*. As a result, they would not be able to use other masteries that were also designed for the mage class without losing ALOT of power. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Masteries are meant to let you customise the playstyle of a champion, however this customisation should _not_ come at the price of giving up damage without a _fair_ trade off! It is understandable that certain masteries will be _very _hard to balance and make equally effective for all classes, e.g. a mastery designed for a support will likely not be as effective on a mage or assassin. However, masteries that are designed for the same or similar classes, e.g. Thunderlords, Deathfiretouch and Stormraiders _should be damn well near as effective as each other as possible, not far off it like they have been in the past_. It is truly _very_ aggravating that problems such as these, that are so blatantly obvious and have come up in the past, are not corrected. It is even more aggravating (but somewhat understandable) that feedback that might just give you hints about the problems with design are not read more often. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ If we go back to our original examples, a suggestion for altering a mastery such as meteor, could be to change it so that the mastery would only fire the meteor after a cc effect ends, but it could go on cooldown the instant an enemy was damaged instead. We could also make it so that it does not apply on DoTs, or at least has a delay before it's fired, since it would be much harder to see. E.g. if I were playing Brand, and used this mastery; The instant it goes off cooldown, if the enemy is affected by my passive, they will not see the meteor orbiting me because it will fire instantaneously. As a result, they would have less time to react. This would not be entirely fair! Neither is it fair if a mastery that is meant to be dodge-able is not dodge-able if then enemy is hard cc'ed. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Another way to help relieve the problem of certain masteries being stronger on certain champions than they are on others, is to make all masteries less damage based, and more utility based. All champions would find them useful in someway in certain situations, as long as they were reasonable to proc. This allows for masteries to be stronger than others for different matchups and gives us diversity in the mastery system. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Although, I have been ranting for this whole thread, I must commend Riot for at the very least, fixing some of their past problems. Now there are more indicators for the new masteries to make them interactive and fun to play around, additionally, this new one in particular, is not just direct damage and can be avoided, (unless people are cc'ed >:C) which will likely be very fun to play with. It also gives some utility through longer zone control, which is _very_ nice! Remember this? "What's the point of adding something to play around that becomes nigh 'impossible' to play around when used on certain champions."

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