PSA: You actually can win games from behind

People need to stop being so negative if they give a kill or two early ffs. I played a game last night where the enemy Lucian built lethality and got 38 kills and my team spammed /ff. Problem is, the rest of his teammates were all doing poorly and I kept telling my team we could win if we kill him. Sure enough, we came back and won The vast majority of us play this game at a low to mid-tier level. That means teams that are ahead will make mistakes that will give you a chance to get back into the game. I've often found my teams perform better when behind (aside from stomps) because the pressure is on the winning team NOT to fuck up I get that we're in a snowballing meta that can be frustrating, but this open-mid mentality after giving up a kill early is pretty toxic and has become overbearing lately. Keep faith people :) EDIT: Just wanna address that yes, some games are not winnable and I'm not saying you should blindly drag the game on for another 20 minutes refusing to /ff if it's clear you won't win. However, people tend to overreact to falling behind early. You'll lose 100% of games if you open mid or decide to int, not to mention you make losing a more toxic experience than it already is. If you give it a shot, unless you're Challenjour who knows what can happen {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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