Is this madness ever going to stop?

The game has been in this state for more than 4 to 5 months now I think, where no rules whatsoever apply.. When bot lane is ziggs and heimerdinger, no one even dodges, what the hell is dodge anyway, let's just play ranked like it is normal anyway. Traditional supports.. What's that? Tanks? Aren't those the heavy metal things they used to have in World War 2? Armor? Wait I know that one, that's from the middle ages right? Wait wait, bonus question, Magic damage? Oh that only exists in fairy tales I'm certain of it! Should I just quit or is there any hope for the future? Also There is absolutely no inspiration left in the champions that are being released. Neeko is seriously an Alpha 0.3 Idea, but this new guy Sylas, Let's make the guy AD heavy and give him the ability every mage has ever dreamt of.. but every AP ult is useless due to 0 AP scaling/items.
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