There are too many strong champions right now. Please balance the game.

I get burned out just writing these types of threads but I feel like still need to do them. If nothing happens, S10 will just be a continuation of S9. Riot please listen. There are way too many strong champions right now and by strong champions I don't mean champions that are 'viable' or 'good', I mean champions that should not exist in such elevated power positions due to their insanely broken kits or absurd buffs that have pushed them into being overly dominant. These champions eventually choke out the rest of the roster and decrease champion variety. I remember when a champion with high pick/ban rates and high winrates (52%+) were generally considered to be needing a hotfix. Nowadays, it's normal to see more than a handful. Riot, I only have 1 ban and I can't control what my team bans. I can't ban everything that's broken. The 10 ban system was meant to be utilised so I didn't feel like I was forced to ban an 'op pick' and could use it to ban a counter champion but at this point in time, I'd rather suffer a hard counter than deal with generic, broken champions. - Take a look at how many S/S+ tier champions there are currently in your elo. Quite frightening. PLEASE, look into toning down the champions on the upper end. I'm tired of feeling like I'm racing against ticking time bombs. Edit: I didn't expect this many replies as I made this right before falling speed asleep. The champions I listed are SOME champions I THINK are doing TOO GOOD. They don't have to be necessarily broken by design (otherwise I would have liked to mention Akali and Kai'sa in capable hands too) but are champions I feel just kind of blow out other champions. For the simpler champions like Garen and Malphite it's more on the fact that for how simple and effective they are, they may be in a need for some toning down. I know Garen dropped off a bit in W/R but Malphite is still easily a ticking a time bomb with his 1 shot engages. Edit 2: As the list ends up being too subjective, I will replace it with a link to U.GG where readers can discern which champions are 'too strong' looking into the stats of their relevant elo. I think this makes it a lot more fair. Notice HOW MANY S tier and S+ tier champions there are in the list as well as their winrates versus their pick/ban rates. Edit 3: It's happening, HOLY FK!! Check Mark Yetter's Tweets!! POG!
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