Should Morgana be nerfed (54% banrate

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==================================================================== **If you disagree dont downvote... vote with the pool lol its down below** **(Please read this before responding or assuming I think morgana is broken or something)** ==================================================================== Morgana pick and banrate is increasing because she counters hook champions really well you know the aids of botlane atm especially blitzcrank. Her banrate is over the limit riot claimed that they would force nerf a champion (Though I doubt they would do that but Just incase :C). I Am not a support main and i know morgana is an aids champ to go against because of her annoying 3 second root and her pretty much point and click poke but really her ban and pick is only going up because of this "hook meta" with her black shield. What do you guys think? _**EDIT: Forgot to throw in my own Opinion in this. I think morgana shouldnt be nerfed because she counters hook champs really well and hook champs are really OP right now**_
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