I think my favorite thing about all of these last two years is.

When we finally leave damage meta, and we have some champions that are SOOO overtuned, and other champions completely underpowered. That we get a massive change list like Runes Reforged all over again. Look at this upcoming patch. There are so many adjustments and micro changes to compensate for either TOO much damage or TOO little damage. Tahm Kench will be completely fucked once we get out of damage meta. He won't have a place in the game without the things he currently has. Pyke on the other hand is going to be massively overpowered. Highest HP and Armor. This is going to be a lovely change list to look at. *If we ever leave damage meta at this point* Some of my most frustrating games in League have been in the last two years. Almost every single one of the games I enjoyed were back in season 2/3/4/5/6. But its okay, because at the end of this road. There is nothing. At the highest elo for NA solo queue. Its a joke. Win Trading. Trolls. And its just not even close to fun to watch. I hope next season we see another 20-30% ranked playerbase drop again.
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