Where are the compensation buffs??

Nautilus is getting a flat 50 damage removed across all ranks of his ult in patch 9.22 > Nautilus is too strong in all games, regardless of level, but we're focusing the nerf this patch on the damage that is more dependent on coordination. Naut is almost exclusively played as support because of how much innate CC is in his kit, but as someone who also plays him in top lane, where are the compensation buffs? If a champ who is more popular than Naut gets nerfed, they always receive compensation buffs. Losing 50 damage off of your ult for a top laner really hurts being able to fight certain matchups at level 6, especially since you arent going to build AP to increase the damage. And Naut support is going to take a bit of a hit next patch too when aftershock has more base stats moved in favor of scaling, since supports dont have the budget to increase their armor/mr in the early game when they need the stats. If you want to get rid of the damage to pull down support Nauts numbers, thats fine, but you could compensate top lane Naut by increasing his shield strength, ie from 9/10/11/12/13% max health to 9/10.25/11.5/12.75/14% max health. Its a 0.25% increase per rank on a skill that is already maxed second, and not a damage increase, it would only make him tankier as a top laner, and marginally so. But it just stinks when you see champs who can be played in multiple roles and have been strong for whole seasons get a nerf and also get a compensation buff in the same patch and then when they go after your lesser played champ its simply a numbers nerf
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