Look, Laners, this is why I'm taking your CS

If we ever pull off a successful gank, we can now take advantage of this opportunity by shoving the wave under tower. This will give us turret plates, or if nothing else, we can bounce the wave so you get a free recall and a ton of easy farm. I will hit the caster minions once each (twice if early in the game) and then start chewing on any Cannon minions. I'm sorry if I take any from any combination of Red Buff/Stray AOE/If I think it's time sensitive. I hope the tower gold and bounced wave makes up for it. On the other hand, should you ever die in lane while I am nearby, many of the champions in my Jungle pool are capable of mitigating minion damage. This means I could literally face tank minions outside of tower range while we all wait for you to come back. Unfortunately I won't always be there on time; the tower may start hitting the minions and if I don't do my best to last hit, then that gold is completely lost to both of us. Even if I catch the wave outside of tower, our own minions will eventually require last hitting if you can't get back in time. Luckily, most of the wave should still be there frozen in an ideal position for you to farm and get back into the game. Or you can insta clear it and give up your freeze, that option is...an option. We can't miss the forest for the trees. Crashed and frozen waves are opportunities for you as a laner to take full advantage of your scaling, scaling that I'm gonna rely on as my Jungle budget falls short compared to yours. I will take some CS as a result of this. However, if we can take advantage of the minion waves, it will pay dividends to your success.

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