Morde isnt broken

Just overturned with his Ult. Its got too long of a range for how powerful it is so he can zone from cs in the laneing phase and make squishy champs run away in fear during team fights till he uses it on someone. It should have its range reduced to put less pressure during the laneing phase and during team fights. One praise I do have for the ult is the stats stealing after you kill your target, that's completely fine because most peoples instinct is just "ult the support, free kill" but if you do ult the support and kill them you're not getting too much out of it. Makes on the fly target select a skill you need to be effective in fights. The morde has to pick someone he can beat in a 1v1 but they gotta have useful stats or they are not maximizing the value of it, and that brings some skill to the ability. What I don't like about it is the stat steal during the ult. This shouldn't be on the ult for one reason. It HEAVILY tips the balance in his favor during the fight. He makes it so if you build HP or MR against him he just steals it. He steals your AP and AD as well, so he becomes harder to kill and you become easier to kill. So if he and his opponent are on the same item of their builds, lets say{{champion:82}} with{{item:3116}},{{item:1001}} and{{item:1054}}, vs {{champion:58}} with{{item:3071}} and {{item:1001}} (No starting item here as we are assuming he started longsword {{item:1036}} and upgraded it into BC). Lets put both of them in a lane at lv 6 and just let them at it. If the renekton ults before the morde ults the morde gets more HP. If the morde ults before the renekton then renekton gets less bonus HP for the ult. Let's assume for the purpose of this 1v1 that renekton ulted first. So ow morde has more HP, AD, MR, Armor, AP and attack speed than the renekton and now renekton is playing with way fewer cards on the table. It also negates the effect of his BC with the armor shred because morde just stole his armor so the renekton doesn't reduce the armor of the morde to the level he needs. That fight goes one of two ways. The renekton tries to fight and dies as he has fewer stats than the morde or he runs away and around the death realm and escapes with some hp and his flash down (most likely). In my opinion, they should remove the stat stealing during the ult in favor of buffing post ult stats as he doesn't have the rest of the enemy team in the death-realm and he needs help surviving longer in team fights. Feel free to criticize me or have constructive arguments in the comments but don't just insult people for their opinions, please.
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