Top Lane is a Big Problem

I have played a lot of LoL and a fair amount of most every other MoBA, and the good news is LoL is just as fun or more fun than all of them. But the glaring weakness where it is behind all the others is the lane meta. And I think the solution is in the jungle (and map) in separating native junglers (udyr, rek, elise, nunu, lee, skarner), carry/non-exclusive jungles (kha, kayn, rengar, diana, ekko, yi, trynd, etc), and support jungles by making only a portion of the jungle farm-able early for the latter two. Basically those junglers would have to come out of the jungle sometimes as non-gankers (to be supported or covered in someway, or provide support) during a better laning phase. This would make top lane a lot better and more fun as an adaptable off-lane or carry role depending on champs picked. This is how a new game on the scene works, and it is quite good. Hopefully the competition forces LoL to get better.

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