Riot's "Long term Plans" ENTER LEAGUE OF BETA

Now what I am about to say, you don't necessarily need to agree with it, but here are my thoughts about Riot's decision making and long term plans in a constructive and unbias manner. Since the end of Season 5, I feel league has been nothing but a beta testing ground for Riot. Sure, there are some things Riot nailed it over the past years, but there are still SOOO many things I feel they just took way too long to get. First of all let me start by what happened in Season 6. Season 6 was just one big beta for Dynamic Queue, it took them an ENTIRE season to realise that the Community highly dislikes their new ranking system and wants back Solo Queue. In my personal opinion, Season 6 was THE worst season I have ever played league in, in all my years of playing it. Season 7 seems like another beta, where I'm pretty sure this new client that is highly unfinished, and FAR FAR from being optimized to run stably, WILL take this entire Season to complete, or even be close to as well optimized as the old client. This new client has so many bugs, that people are unable to get into games, in-game bugs happening, disconnections, LEAVER BUSTERS TO US FOR RIOT'S OWN FAULT. etc etc.. Initially, I thought Riot forgot about the old players and are highly catering and making league fun for the newer players, so that more players keep coming, and lets just say, new players are easily more profitable than older players, since apparently newer players buy more stuff than old players, since the old players usually just have it all, so they don't buy as much as a new player. But this season however, they are screwing over even the NEW players, because of their completely disastrous new client's poor optimization. Now lets leave all this aside and look into things like {{champion:13}} Rework over 3 god damn times. {{champion:266}} Enough said about this champion. {{champion:17}} Auto Lose ranked games champion. {{champion:6}} ....{{champion:23}} Oh look at me, I can right click! {{champion:157}} "We are too lazy to rework/balance this champion, so we are gonna just make jokes about deleting him from the game." And lets not forget, everyone's most favorite pick of all time, the champion I see 95/100 games if not banned. {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:64}} See where I'm getting at? I am STILL waiting for a day when I don't feel like I am playing a unfinished product, rather than a finished game.
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