[Suggestion] Voice Chat in Games with Random People (I know it sounds ridiculous)

Hey League Community, I know this suggestion sounds like a stupid idea for some people since they experience toxic behavior by other players. I know this since I asked a couple friends of mine what they think about this idea. Almost everyone disagreed with this idea. But I still have hope in this. I come from the DotA Community (you can hate me for that) and we have a voice chat for quite some time already. The DotA community can be toxic aswell, but voice chat is actually fine! I don't see a reason to not implement this into League except of some toxic behavior! Maybe the people at Riot Games already had some thoughts about it. We all have a voice chat in the game lobbies already. But honestly, who uses them? If people want to play together, they mostly talk to each other via TeamSpeak, Discord or other communication platforms. For me it is really hard to type while actually having to focus on the game. For example calling a champion on your lane missing. You have the ping yes, but what if a jungler is about to gank your lane and leaves because he doesn't have the opportunity to execute a successful gank. You saw this person on the lane before he left. How can you call this person as missing? You only have the ping "Enemy missing", but nobody knows which one. He only sees the ping mid. People who can't type fast have problems with this and have a disadvantage because of that. Stuff, which can be fixed with the voice chat. This is pretty important in my eyes. _Sidenote: In DotA we have the ability to call someone missing by [clicking on their player icon](https://i.imgur.com/B7b4DdJ.gif)_ "What about the people who are toxic, scream in their microphone and only disturb the voice chat?" There should be two options added for that. - a voicechat mute-button - a reporting option for abusive voice chat What I really wish to see would be something like a testing period in for example Solo/Duo Ranked Queue and maybe draft pick. I also added a poll where you can vote what you think about a voice chat test period. I hope under this post we can discuss about this feature and maybe a Riot empolyee can add something to this! :) _For the people asking why I don't keep playing DotA: I actually got bored of the game since my mates stopped playing it. Here I am now._

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