@RiotRepertoir: A modernization of Zyra as a Mage and Champion in 2018 with her current abilities

Hello, I know you don't have the time to read entire essays, so I will try to make this as short as possible. What I want to achieve: - Make her a better Midlaner - Shift a lot of power from her passive into her kit - Make Q Max on Midlane a viable choice and preferred choice, without breaking it on Support - Reduce early game oppressiveness and increase power later in the game (fix her “win-rate depending on game-length graph”) - Increase skill floor by rewarding the player for playing her well - Open up more roles/builds/playstyles My suggestion: https://i.imgur.com/FafJFkI.png What I want to accomplish with these changes: - Bring her HP/level on par with other mages - Decrease the squishiness of plants against spells (effects mid more than bot) - Reduce passive strength greatly early game with no scaling to reward aggressive gameplay and dealing damage - Making better use of seeds and cooldowns is rewarded, so that it’s less "I'm getting ganked and spawn 4 Thornspitters around me" or I snare someone and spawn 2 Vinelashers for max burst, because my kit is delayed"). - Give Q the little push and QoL change it needs, so you can actually max it. As long maxing Q is inferior, sololane Zyra will not work. Currently, E must be maxed for the CC duration to have kill potential. The small amount of bonus damage on Q is fine for support too, since she loses 60-75% of the amount of seeds she currently has during laning phase as support. - Be able to deal damage on tanks. Zyra can't rush Liandries like she used to without losing a lot of damage on carries. Her base damage on tanks is really terrible, especially since it’s likely that the enemy frontline builds Adaptive Helm against her. Zyra can't get through the enemy frontline right now. - W Cooldown mostly affects Support Zyra. Reducing it by 2 seconds early game gives her the opportunities she might lack with the passive change - Give her a bit of scaling post level 13 and give the player more choices about how they want to play the champ. This could create new item choices like Nashors or Wits End, maybe even Rageblade. It could also make her skill order more versatile. - This version makes gold and experience more valuable on her, potentially opening up more roles. She may be able to become a good jungler. Maybe she can be played as an AP carry in the bot lane. I think its an exciting idea, that a champ can be played at all 5 roles. Zyra has the potential! - Manacost on W to help her with stacking tear. - A decreased damage to plant debuff after landing E because of how snaring works in this game. Melee champions should not get rewarded for getting snared and oneshotting Zyra's plants instantly on spawn without any player input. - Manacost changes on Q and W to bring Zyra up-to-date with 100 Manacosts on her ultimate for the rest of the game. - Trade quantity of plants in favor of quality. Melee basic attacks still too strong against plants post laning phase. QWREW against mobile melee champions in higher MMR is not possible. They know how important Zyra’s plants are to her and they die instantly. She needs the plant HP before casting her ult more often than the HP on the enraged plants. - Last but not least, she is too reliant on her enraged plants to apply bonus damage. Her ultimate is balanced around this bonus since release. Giving it the base amount of reliablity of this damage through ensuring at least 2 enraged attacks is just modernizing this effect. The changes done to her since July 2016 brought one major issue to her. She gets access to too much power early, leaving no room for her to become stronger when the game goes on. Her passive gives her the exact same issue Syndra had on her Q until this patch. She should not fulfill most of her gameplay fantasy early game, but rather as the game goes on. Like the mage that she is and wants to become.
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