Something is really wrong with the state of this game.. The top page of the gameplay section is filling up with unhappy people about the entire state of the game. I know that people look at the boards and think that it's a low % of the total community, and thus complaints shouldn't be taken too seriously.. but this isn't normal. Since season 3 I've been here, and I've never seen so many people complain about the game as a whole. Yes, of course people will complain about OP champs, OP items, ranked matchmaking, etc.. but never the entire game. These changes are very unwelcomed.. and I do respect trying new things out, and trying to make a great game better. At the same time though, I think you have a mild obligation to keep certain aspects we enjoy, or at least change them slowly and one thing at a time. Its safe to say that all these new things were thrown at us all at once, and it's easy to deal with 1-2 things you don't like, but it's almost not worth it to deal with 5-6 things when there are so many other games available to play. It's easy to ignore the few people quitting the game, or protesting certain things, because of how many other players there are... however, from all my forum surfing, the amount of people I see defending these changes, and especially with logic or reason, is slim to none. I wish you wouldn't look at us as customers, and more like family or friends.. the majority of us who are still here, want to see this game work, but it's a two-way street. There is no shame in saying "Ok, we tried something out, it didn't work, let's revert it back to normal and work on another idea." Sometimes I feel like Riot becomes too proud to say they made a bad move, and instead of owning up to it, they drag it out, hoping that we'll like it one day, and eventually when our hatred for it reaches a certain level they finally fix the problem before they lose thousands of people. (*cough dynamic queue*) Anyways, I hope the forums don't go unnoticed just because it's a low % of the community. In a way, our opinions should mean something a little more because we take the time out of our day to come here and post something that will help the entirety of the game. Whether it's complaints, or suggestions, or even memes.. we post here to make the game better or to bring more enjoyment from it. Don't ignore us :^) TLDR: Too many people unhappy with current state of game. Riot needs to man up sometimes, admit they made a mistake, fix it quickly, and work on the next big thing. The people who are still here playing, are proving their loyalty to Riot, and league.. and just want everyone to be happy in the long run. Oh, and don't ignore the forum peoples :) {{sticker:garen-swing}}
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