Huge AOE damage, no CD spammable nuke with isolated bonus damage, %mr shred/huge aoe slow, global nuke

Ring a bell? No? Hint: it's always the answer:{{champion:30}} Sounds pretty damn broken right? I mean, damn, max rank ult is 550 base damage and he has a mana restoration passive spell to boot! Did I mention he still deals a shit ton of damage after he dies for 7 seconds! "Just dive karthus," you mean just give him a penta kill? Sounds pretty asinine doesn't it? I made karthus sound completely broken. That's because I mentioned his strengths and the focus of strengths on his kit without considering his weaknesses or the price he pays or having what he has. Pro-tip: you can make anything sound broken as hell and overowered to all ends if you discuss balance this way and don't consider the price champions pay to have what they have. Another good example is {{champion:78}}. If I just mentioned her kit alone, you'd think I was talking about a champion from DOTA. Impossible to burst because of a huge defensive steroid passive, mobility, MS boost to boot and passively gains armor/AD from that spell, immune to all CC/damage from 4 champions and a huge targeted max %hp spammable nuke. But then you realize her mana costs are crippling, she has an abysmal time under tower with no means to push waves out and as a result, very hard to scale with. Fair price considering her ult, her passive and absurd damage. Just remember listing strengths or simply giving a summary of what a kit has without denoting the price and conditions in which they have these mechanics/abilities is only telling half the story and is a piss poor argument that should be immediately dismissed of there is a failure to acknowledge this.
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