Solo carry champs?

Hi board community, i was just wondering, what champs did get you out of silver/gold? I tried many of them: Adc: Kai'sa(yeah cancer ik), Kog'maw, Draven, Sivir. Mid: Diana, Ap Seju(yeah it acutally works in silver). Top: Darius, Aatorx, Garen. Jungler: Amumu, Rek'sai, Tank Seju, Ap Seju. Support: Nami, Soraka. In 85% of games. i played pretty well in laning phase, but sadly at end, game was lost. Soo i was wondering, what champs can beat Darius, Kassadin and those guys who can get fed in every part of game, or which champ did you play to get out of elo hell? Edit: some good builds would be appricated as well {{sticker:katarina-love}}
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