The current state of League ( Damage , game pace )

Hello, I just felt like typing my thoughts on how the game used to be and how it is right now. How frustrating it feels to play when the damage power creep is so high, that basically everyone kills each other in 3 abilities unless you are an aftershock user, then you die after those 2,5s . How defensive items have almost no point and every tanky champion that is actually viable is viable cause they deal absurds amounts of damage (Mundo,Shen). I remember back in at least season 7 how fights didnt last 2 seconds but actually were played out in like 10-15 seconds, how everyone didnt just explode, unless you were 10/0 on an assassin , how I used to play Zed and actually had to auto after ulting, chase the target a little bit and then kill them, now you just hit 2-3 shurikens with R and its done. (Its just an example) I remember how dying once due to a gank didnt cost you the entire game, cause now when you die , you lose a wave maybe even 2, enemy gets 300+ gold depending on assists and on top of that your laner gets another 320 gold or a herald usage for like 800 gold, and the game feels over for you at that point be it 10 minutes into the game . And on top of that the enemy jungler secured another 100 gold from a scuttle crab. All while you were still dead in your 20s death timer. I honestly think something needs to be done.. Is it just me ? Is it just me being sad ? .. Thank you for reading !
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