All champions need to be available in Practice Mode.

TL;DR Read the title. My friend is coming from DOTA. He only knows how to play two champions, but because he knows how MOBA's work, his ELO isn't terrible. He's stuck in the "1 smurf and 4 deadweight" mirror matches, and he complains that champion knowledge is really hurting him. I told him to read up on champions and to watch their champion spotlights, but let's be honest here: **These only do so much**. There's how a champion WORKS and how it PLAYS. Understanding how it works doesn't mean you appreciate how it plays. Soraka is my favorite champion, and I would have never played her before I was randomly assigned her and found out she was actually fun to play. I've also bought a lot of champions that seemed cool only to find out I hated playing them. Knowing both how a champion works **AND** plays is a **HUGE ADVANTAGE**. As Blitzcrank or any other hook-based champion, we all get that one player who you can never hook. Why? They know how the champion plays. They know the ranges, the speeds, the wind up times, the cooldowns, etc. They understand the mindset too: angles, concealing intent, where and when to flash, how to hook jukes, etc. You only really learn this from playing the champion. Now, I'm not going to suggest that you make all champions free-to-play like my friend, but at the very least, all champions should be available in Practice Mode. **Every other MOBA lets you play, practice, or at-least trial all of their "champions"**. It's actually a shame the Practice Tool isn't used to its full potential. Players of all skill levels would benefit, and what loss is there? Losing RP from players making uninformed champion purchases? Heaven forbid... **All champions need to be available in Practice Mode.**
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