Between remakes, autofills, and intentional feeders, I can't say I enjoy queuing up for this game.

Not gonna lie, even back in season 8 I would actually feel like heading back home and playing a couple of games of LoL. Nowadays however, I don't feel like playing this even when drunk out of my mind. I tried playing this game after having returned from Dota this week, and it reminded me of exactly why I had left. Can't two matches without an autofill, can't go two minutes without a jungler creeping up my ass, can't go two games before my bot lane decides it's going to be all or nothing. Don't even get me started on the remakes where I spend 10 minutes finally getting autofilled into a match only to realize we won't be playing it. This has to be the most incompetent company I've seen. Overtuned champions are the least of my worries at this point.

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