Good Job Riot, You fucked up Clash yet again

We just finished picking champs, now when we were gonna trade, not enough time to trade, not all champs are unlocked, client is as fucking garbage as always so even when you do try to trade, the client bugs out. Thank you riot, my first clash game in forever and it's completely fucking ruined. You guys suck. EDIT: For all the morons downvoting me let me put into context, our mid (an aurelion one trick). our supp and me we pick each others' champs for the sake of drafting. Then after we lock in we are not given enough time to fine tune rune pages for the matchup, swap champions (because the buggy ass client glitches every time we try to swap.) So me (top who was supposed to play Gnar) end up being forced to play aurelion mid, our aurelion one trick gets forced to first time fiddle support and our support ends up having to play gnar top for the first time in his life. Have in mind that all of this WITH THE WRONG RUNES COMPLETELY AS THEY ARE PAGES FOR THE CHAMPS WE WERE SUPPOSED TO PLAY. So obviously we get fucking destroyed and the enemy team just bming in all chat like they earned that fucking win, it wasn't even a contest, we didn't stand a single chance. And why? because of a tournament mode that we have been waiting for the longest time that is still extremely buggy. It's bullshit.

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