Urgot's itemization is horrendously limited

to the point where his only real AD item that can be called core is {{item:3071}} and he is effectively disbarred from any other juggernaut items. Can't buy Sterak's, or Titanic, and Triforce is obviously out of the question because of how his kit works. Attack speed items are not good because he actually loses DPS by buying them if he ever uses W. {{item:3022}} is situationally strong but not worth purchasing every game, same for {{item:3812}}. His rune options are pretty mediocre between Aftershock, Comet, and Spellbook, but that's a different problem. If Urgot wants to itemize more offensively than Cleaver-fulltank, then he has to dip into other classes' items, a problem that existed for fighters a long time ago and was the reason we got items like Sterak's in the first place. Namely assassin items, Ghostblade and Duskblade (there's actually a Korean Urgot buying both of these and doing really well in high elo) I'd like to be able to build my juggernaut like he's a juggernaut, though, and not an assassin. thx
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