Maybe ADCs have too much burst?

So, I've been playing a bit more of ADCs lately (namely Twitch, as I suck with Jhin) instead of assassins or wonky off meta builds whenI noticed something. **As a late game Twitch you can reliably 2 shot squishies.** I've been an assassin main ever since season 2 and I've played a crap load of Fizz, Talon, Shaco (my main), and Kha'Zix since then. One thing I've noticed was that unless any of them were ahead in items and levels, they weren't able to kill anyone in under a second, with Talon maybe being the exception here depending on the game. As a Twitch, I could reliably kill squishies in 2 auto attacks. Nothing more than that. Come out of stealth with ult and 2.x attack speed. Hit a squishy twice and it's dead. No need to even use your E. I could assassinate people more reliably with Twitch than I could with Shaco, Fizz, and Kha. And then I'd proceed to assassinate the rest of the enemy team from 850 units away. I could kill full tanks and bruisers in 3-5 autos. I literally had nothing to worry about besides being caught out by heavy CC and burst. And I wasn't really overly fed. I was 2/2 until 34 mins into the game, being about or under average in gold until the 35 minutes mark. After that, I became a killing machine. Simply because I could kill anything before it could kill me and could keep killing things without worrying about my CDs. I'm no expert game designer, **but when a marksman, who's supposed to be about constant DPS, is able to burst a single target faster and safer than an assassin** and then continue with it's ranged murdering spree, something might be wrong.
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