I don't think Anivia is dead, but...

{{champion:34}} Hi. Many people complain about this recent update. Most think that the changes to Anivia's ultimate were actually a very harmful nerf to her. Why? Well, now playing the icy bird is harder and more risky, specially during laning phase, since you've to get closer to the enemy if you want to frostbite their HP bar (and in many cases you won't even get to chill the target, considering it's very easy to get out of the R's lethal radius). But, as an interesting part, I noticed I've been forced to make a greater and better use of the wall. Before 6.9, I used to focus on damage, now I'm constantly thinking of a way to seize an enemy before nuking them. I know, this is something that real good Anivia players have always been doing, but now I personally believe the roll is even more clear: _Rito did a good job highlighting her chick as the crowd control mage_. However, even after praising that, I still think that during early game Anivia's pretty screwed. What I think could be a good idea to compensate it is to increase the blizzard's speed if you've just used your W. That is: **Glaciar Storm's will grow twice as fast (or maybe will take only 2 seconds) if there is an Ice Wall inside the target radius. ** I don't know, what do you guys think about it?
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