I really feel like mordekaiser has a very limited window of weakness

And unless you are Trynd, or Fiora, you are forced force short engages on him and get out. This is because of his passive, which forces you to try and trade against him because his trades are always favorable - you can’t risk a trade that results in an extended trade because you’ll lose. It’s like playing against Darius, except Darius has mana limitations and has to land his Q to heal. Morde simply has to press W and press it again. I don’t think he’s necessarily overpowered, he’s really lackluster outside of lane phase. But that doesn’t mean he should be this overpowering lane bully that disappears when lane phase disappears - I’m sure that’s not fun for morde players either. I actually think his kit is cool, but I just think his passive is too highly tuned up in the early game which gives him favorable poking and a daunting all-in.
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