Please Buff Pyke.

Take a long good look at these 9.13 balance changes to Pyke. Notice how riot completely dumpstered pyke. He was practically useless in patch 9.13. Due to riot nerfing the Q tap, wave clear, which where intended for solo lane pyke, sup Pyke's winrate dropped drastically. He was literally unplayable botlane. UNPLAYABLE. flashforward a couple of days later in 9.14 and they give us a joke of a buff to pyke while NERFING HIM EVEN MORE !!!!!!!! oh wow thanks riot, i now get some measly chump change when i R and kill an enemy, wow, that'll definitely balance out the fact his R NOW DOES 50% REDUCED DAMAGE TO ENEMIES IT DOESNT KILL!! WTF HOW IAM I SUPPOSED TO EVEN KILL MORE THAN 3 PEOPLE WITH MY ULT NOW???? To salt the wound even more, riot HQ decided it would be funny to release a legendary skin for him in patch 9.15, without even fixing the fact his R does no damage, He's an support who can't clear minion waves, and that q tap is worthless.... if riot was actually serious about fixing pyke, his r should give 3 "your cuts" instead on everykill instead, 1 cut because you landed r and that means ur faker, another cut because you are playing pyke and that means you are part of the peak of the human bell curve, and the last your cut doesn't give you 300 gold but instead 300 rp so as compensation for the balance abuse, and also so pyke players can buy eternals, x enemies killed by ultimate. Best Regards, xxxliltrash
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