LeBlanc is fine as is

You people need to actually take time and just play her instead of throwing hissies about every little thing that annoys you about the update. If you're having troubles assassinating then here's something to try, don't melee form. W in at a safe distance and always, **ALWAYS** lead with E. Seriously, Ethereal Chains is broken now, there's a reason Riot removed the slow from it. RE is easily your strongest spell, not only do you CC them if you get the full duration but you also proc your SoM and the second damage portion. Throw a Shatter Orb and you've got a TLD proc as well and in most cases, a dead enemy. And please, don't give me this "but kiting for 1.5 seconds gets you blown up" No. Just No. You are playing an assassin, if you just dive recklessly without waiting for the right moment, you're good as dead always. Honestly, I'm pretty sure this is easily the best rework out of all the assassins, because that's what is was. A rework, it wasn't a blatant buff nor was it a straight nerf like the others, it was a rework and it succeeded in m opinion.....well maybe a slight buff, she's waaaay less mana dependent than before now. Like I can't even stress how awesome that is.
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