In all seriousness, why isn't Riven disabled?

She has a known, extremely game-changing bug that is relatively easy to do, and people are abusing it. It was bad enough when Riot decided to let her keep animation canceling in general when other champions had it removed (IE: Zed), but letting her break CC is just unacceptable. Edit: Since people are at a bit of a misunderstanding here, Riven is not just causing issues with displacement effects on dashing. This is not a hook/pull/knockback only issue. She is able to remove any and all forms of CC. Unlike, say {{champion:18}} , who completes her leap, but cannot take any actions during it, Riven can continue to use basic attacks and abilities in a time frame she would otherwise be unable to make any actions. Edit 2: Please read Meddler's response, he has given Riot's viewpoint on the matter, and has stated there is a planned fix.
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