Ornn Help, Someone...

So ive been playing Ornn as much as i possibly can lately, i know his combos, i know who to extend the range of his ult, i have the q,flash, ult combo and the basic q,w,r,e,r combo down but i feel as if Ornn as a whole is just super underwhelming, his base damage is not good by any means, which i understand because hes a tank but even comparing him to other tanks his damage just makes him seem really sub-par, and the only ability that has decent scaling is his q. the problem i have with his Q is that it scales with AD, which means in order for Ornn to even have sub-par damage, you need to build at least one AD item which takes away from the tankiness that is buffing the damage on his E and sustain. Then to really mess you up they have his ult have a 20% AP scaling. Idk Maybe its just me, but i find that other tanks tend to just get tankier faster then him making him almost useless until extremely late game. Does any one have any tips, builds, runes, masteries, anything to help me out? or am i just right saying that somethings off and he might need a tiny (or large) buff to actually make him a better feeling champ while playing him. Let's talk about it. {{champion:516}}
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