Riot not even mentionning ARAM bans amongst the past changes in the last /dev is saddening ARAM bans were the best thing that ever happened in terms of general enjoyment and balance to the gamemode and it got unrightfully removed, causing a massive uproar in the community because, well, it was THE change that should've stayed. The silly balance changes that Riot seems to highly praise in this article are not even close to the BANS result: simply changing damage done/received in numbers for certain champions just resulted in a rotation between who are THE worst champions and THE best champions, this isnt balance at all, its just a different approach to a problem who is still existing. Even the ARAM accounts are STILL an huge problem, making the pickrates of certain 53%+ winrate champions absolutely insane, some up to 10 times (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOT RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) higher than others. So, instead of providing some developper feedback on the ACTUAL top change that got unrightfully removed, you just mention (and even praise at some point) the other solutions that you implemented but who STILL are lacking in efficiency compaired to day 1 ARAM bans?? Don't get me wrong, ARAM champ balancing isn't "bad", it's just highly inefficient and just increases even further the gap between ARAM and the "normal" game by making certain champions have some disgustingly different stats between their ARAM and normal versions to the point actual referencial memory between gamemodes is reduced to NOTHING in terms of relevancy. This same gap between ARAM and normal game is just another reason why ARAM isn't even considered as part of the "real" game, while still having the same core game mechanics and making it bigger by making even CHAMPIONS different. Just please stop trying to hide the success of ARAM bans under the rug, at least mention them directly and give an actual reason to why they were removed instead of the shady reason you gave, "Sum people wanted to play sum specific champions and they couldn't because those specific champions were frequently and rightfully ban because they were way too common in the games, so we are removing aram bans because they made champion diversity worse" (We all know that banning frequent champions, which makes less popular champions more played, means less diversity, right?! /s). If you can't give a 100% fault-proof reason, or AT LEAST one who actually makes sense, just stop hiding ARAM bans in a locked up shady closet and bring them back, dammit. You just look like you willingly avoid the subject because you know you were wrong with that decision, Riot.
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