About Sona - Can we make her W and E more benefiting to max first?

You know, as one of the most Sona mains, I've adapted to her poke-ish playstyle, going straight ap, getting an Lichbane and and Mikaels, honestly I accepted it, but after her Q being more and more gutted for adapting to it, can we make at least Sonas W and E stronger in return? I'm not even talking about her powerchords, I'd prefer that her W and E actually scale good into late game and making them more benefitial to use if you'll max one of those first than your Q. Right now, Sonas W aura grants an 1.5 second shield with extremly low base stats and not so well ap scalings, yet people seem to favor it, since it harmonize so well with {{item:3504}} wich is not that bad honestly, yet being the shield so short, it seems like that it's only designed to trigger the passive of it for allies. Yet, even if it won't give Sona also the buff, making it pretty worthless for herself, yet being an great item for mid and late game when everyone else get damage. About her E... well, an 1.5 second speedbuff for allies, but a max 5 second speedboost for Sona if she tags all her allies with it. It feels incredibly unfair, mostly if you're going ap Sona, and rushing as the speed of light while your allies are out of position. Yet, the cooldown being absurdly long while there are mobility spells with lower cooldowns. Literally, with each point you put in her E, the bonus movement speed per % is just increased by 1%. this is incredibly weak, no matter how you look at it. Sona players who won't go straight AP, will be incredibly slow compared to other supports. Riots nerf with reducing the extra powerchord damage from 50% to 40% without any compensation buffs did kinda really hurt, not that much that Sona fell off the ladder, yet being extremly reliant played as an AP carry. Just looking at the Lolking scores for Sona, I see that Lich bane is an favorable item on Sona, and getting it in a game increases the chances to win as Sona over 60% http://i.gyazo.com/b7e1d36be8e5af71a6dafd6898b7be9e.png I don't want to make this sound like an "omg pls buff my non-skill champ with the ability to 1-hit burst champions", I want to be an open discussion for People to jump on and tell their own opinion about Sona.
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