That moment when you want your own main to be nerfed

Yes, I'm obviously talking about {{champion:157}}, I'm a main with 408k mastery points on him, but I'm seeing these "mains" abusing his new ~~stupid~~ builds and having success with him without knowing how to play him properly. And this situation sucks, because it draws unwanted attention to the champion, making him even more hated and banned, reducing my and other true mains chances of playing him (not to mention that people mistake me for those "mains", it's infuriating) I still remember, back in patch 4.18, when Yasuo was overnerfed and his winrate was below 43% winrate, he wasn't banned and only dedicated people picked him, it was truly challenging to play him back then, but it was worth it (high risk-high reward). So, if it takes a overnerf to get rid of those meta sheep/copycats and to remove all this attention from Yasuo, so be it.
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