Are tanks meant to be a joke?

Just had an over 40 minute game. Grasp gave 100 hp (Laughable) +17 armor + 14 MR (old system I could start flat 16 armor and get 27 of both max level) Bonus shielding doesn't work on mordes self shield 20% tenacity is laughable when 50% of the cc isn't reduce-able anyways. But I saw a 600 ad rengar, that was pretty neat. Draven had 2.4 AS while having 375 ad fun fun (he started with 40 armor too) Woo, thanks riot, love me some preseason. As an edit, some champions that should have the option to be durable can't take much else in the durability tree, or the tree is a joke for durability. Guardian? (support shielding for the adc) Aftershock (No hard cc like olaf and morde you SoL) Font of life? You must be healing/supporting the adc again. Demolish, oh yea destroying turrets makes me tankier. Iron skin/Mirror Shell are laughable. Heal for 4% of your missing health over 10 seconds on 3k hp thats 120hp for 12hp/second woo, thats really going to slow down the enemy damage dealers, and if you say its for lane sustain I get what 40hp over 10 seconds after a trade in lane, so somehow that regen is supposed to keep me alive while the enemy has things increase damage by 10%? Overgrowth Assuming 40 minute game, you could get 500 minions to die near you, which would give 60ish stacks which would give you 12% max hp... So then you build your 3k hp and get 360 health, which isn't terrible, but thats a 40 freaking minute game... if this season is anything like last season then you won't get there.
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