How to quit league?

Hello, so I'm a skarner main , almost 2M points. I'm playing in mid-high diamond but i don't like the gameplay anymore.Its not fun to play, its just frustrating. LOL is a highly addicting game so I can t quit. Honestly I feel like the game is just garbage. Its simply too much damage in the game. You get one-shoted by everyone. soloq is full of boosting strategys, no one is still playing the game like they should. I already know that no one from Riot will actually care about this post so I won t try to change the game into something good. I stopped flaming my team mates for feeding long time ago. I realized that the reason im hardstuck in a specific divsion is not my team, is just me, but this is something we all should know. So, I'm sick of this game, intialy I told myself that when I'll hit master tier I'll quit, but that is never gonna happen becasue im simply not good enough to be there. Why I think the game is bad? 1.Too much damage in the game 2.Tanks die in 0.5 seconds (vayne is fun to play against btw) 3.The games tend to be short-> early game champs are stronger. 4.there are some champs that have strong early and strong late which is not fair. 5.It is really fun trying to catch akali, also her W is not broken at all. 6. THE MOST FRUSTRATING: Lost lanes blame junglers and they are not banned for this. You shoud ban all types of flame, not just "kys", I literally took an account and flamed like hell and quited 10 games ina row and nothing happend. So, please tell me how can I quit this game and never come back to it ever again in this life. I dont wanna play any other games either. I'm desperate!! I want to quit badly, please help, this game is an actual mind obsession for me. I almost quited studying becasue of this. Please no idiot comments, I'm sick of the ingame flame already!
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