My proposal on small Illaoi changes/fixes.

This isn't another "omG wtf illaoi ult so broken 1v5 champ wtf remove HeEAL!!!" Her winrate dropped by 3% this patch, currently sitting at 48%, and feels painfully underwhelming to play. On top of that, Riot announced reworking Grievous wound in a more effective (AKA a buff) way which will hurt my muscle mammi so much. 1: When a champion levels up while their spirit is pulled, the small level-up health restoration shouldn't apply to the spirit too. It just slows down the whole process. Usually, when landing a spirit, I focus on turning them into a vessel ASAP, either to follow-up the gank or land some Q's while they are slowed. 2: This is probably a bug, but when a spirit is pulled under my tower, and an enemy dives and damages me, the tower completely ignores the champion and instead continues to attack the spirit. Very game-breaking and basically grants the enemy a free 10-sec Ohmwrecker active. On top of that, when getting dived my first reaction would be to land E: It's the key of her entire kit and the difference between a tentakill and a free death. 3: Fix. The. E. Hitbox Naut's hook range is 20% bigger than its hitbox and is the difference between someone being alive or dead if it lands. Same with Thresh, Lux, and more. But my girl Illaoi can't even get a decent hitbox with so many punish windows. You can decrease the duration with attacks, which is why the spirit of Renek, Rumble and more returns before I even get the chance to W or ult. And when I do ult, it takes no effort to just walk away. 4: Another bug: Nearby tentacles won't slam when a spirit is pulled. Guaranteed to happen every game. Imagine that every other "Illaoi like" champ who is ability focused bruiser have some form of help lending their stuff. Aatrox her his dash and his stun at the tip + his w to help with his combo, + ult movespeed. Renekton has his dash and stun, Riven has pretty much everything and I could go on. But when you wanna combo with Illaoi people will just run away. And if they don't they will just kill your tentacles so you have no dmg either way. By the time I'm self stunned casting my E+Q animation which takes longer than a Morgana root, half of my health is dropped by assassins and ADCs.
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