@RiotGames Why do you mostly buff adc's and mages with annoying playstyles leaving some chmps weak?

lux for example, look at this match here that shows how broken lux is: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2934218681/230359722?tab=overview And this one where she and her team is losing in all ways pretty much but wins anyways: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2934216941/230359722?tab=overview Caitlyn, Tristana, Singed why? Why do you keep stuffing turkeys for adc's and annoying champs when you have ryze that you refuse to change and Yi still has problems with rune choices(needs e rework to be more damage and scale but to do physical damage instead, R needs to have a new effect, passive should be reduced cause 4 auto attacks is too much and not good in this season to rely on. make it a chance that increases when he aa and it resets when applying or make it after 2 auto attack cause its just not reliable in the early mid game. Give teemo more counterplay if i'm melee other than ganks since in gold and below you rarely get those ganks. Destroy counter picking its cancerous and takes no skill to apply. I play for fun but i see 3 people counter pick against me normally(jax, teemo, vayne/garen) And it feels that because they chose those champs that i can't win. Jax e is broken and has low interaction and vayne e needs to not knockback for a basic ability since she already can duel fine without it. Teemo is set against auto attack users and its very annoying to be able to move but can't attack for 2 seconds or more and its point and click. Garen's silence is a bit out of hand since it is also easy to land and point and click. The ults for darius and maybe garen need to be nerfed i was playing a full tank one match and darius ultimate half shot me and i died. You need to nerf low interaction champs that just mash the keyboard to counter people. In reference to my title: They also try to promote the annoying champs skins now that is promoting toxicity.

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