What exactly is Jax's weakness?

It used to be his E cooldown is so abysmally high so you just play around it. Now theres this item{{item:3161}}, so my strategy was abuse him early game before he has spear since he is forced to max Q or have 0 mobility. So what do you do? You buff his Q cooldown from 10 to 8 seconds and now all Jax players max E first then Q. So now his E has a really low cooldown early mid game as well. He is a lane bully at this point. Fuck do I do seriously? Outscale him? XDDDD Oh or do I kite his...... point and click gap closer OH MY JG COULD GANk his q is also an escape... I COULD ONE V ONE OUtplay his auto dodging aoe stun e that reduces aoe spell damage and increases in damage if minions aggro him..... I COULD JUST BUrst him his R gives him enough armor and magic resist to make him a tank....... Oh oh heres my favourite one. COUTERBUILD HIM LMFAO, dude literally deals physical magical and true damage xDDD So, in summary we have a bruiser/fighter champion with no cooldown on a gap closing damage dealing spell, an auto reset procing trinity and an AOE STUN THAT IGNORES BASIC ATTACKS, this champion also has armor and MR with his ult that make tanks look squishy (which they are), to top it all off his R also lets him burst you cause Rdmg + sheen + W damage Btw all of this and I still havent mentioned his stackable passive that gives him 88% attack speed fully stacked
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