This game's community is still extremely homophobic and sexist.

This took place in my ranked game promos to Gold 2. I'd won 6 games in a row and just gotten to my promos, all the games had flown wonderfully, good teammates and I had decent scores in most of them (the exception being 1 Kayn game.) In said Kayn game, my midlaner added me to duo. We played two games, in the third one I didn't do particularly well. I was bot with Kai'Sa and we got camped by the enemy, not that I complained, neither did Thresh. Things took a turn for the worst when my midlaner (and as of recently, premade) jokingly told Elise "KS :P" She replied with "ks yourself lmao" which I thought was really shitty of her. He immediately - for reasons which are beyond me, - apologised and pointed out he just meant kill steal. A teamfight ensued and Elise and her premade, Olaf, immediately started insulting Veigar for misplaying something, Olaf blantatly calling Veigar "gay %%%%%%." When I told them to shut up, they started to insult me, "2/8 Kai'Sa talking." Then they started saying how they'd purposely lose so, "She won't get to climb." Their remarks weren't just toxic, they were blantatly sexist. I'm not female, I'm gay. Despite all of this, I kept my cool and never flamed them back. This is what happened in the post-game lobby. Shinatobe N&GGA > : Kaisa > Shinatobe > N&GGA > : im sure > Shinatobe > N&GGA > : you're just a woman trash > Br0KeN bU11eT left the lobby > Shinatobe > N&GGA > : go back to your kitchen > ΠΑΝΑΓ1Α left the lobby > Ashryver Queen > CΟVEN > : Lmao > Shinatobe > N&GGA > : this is only place that you belong I made tickets and reported them, but this is getting out of hand. I didn't return her insults and I didn't flame her back, despite it grating my nerves that I couldn't bury someone who would talk to me like that. The very least Riot can do is inform us better when someone is punished for their behaviour so that _we_ can feel better about upholding the alleged community standards. These two pieces of shit deserve to be permabanned.
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