[Suggestion] A sharing Duotether for Karma

Hello there, I recently wrote down this idea and I wanted to share it for Feedback. Hope you like it :) Currently, Karma's W feels very bland. Its just a point and click ability and doesnt really offer any skillexpression and interaction. So I tryed to give it more decision making by adding an ally option and a tether-passive for creative use. Note: I left out most numbers as they are to be determined anyway. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > # https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/0/0c/Focused_Resolve.png **[W] Focused Resolve** * **[new]** Karma can bind to an ally, which will grant them both damage reduction for the duration of the tether. * ** [Changed]** Tether deals more damage with each subsequent tick. Has 3 ticks now. Overall damage unchanged. * **[Removed]** no longer roots. * **[New] [Passive]** When Karma hits an enemy champion or monster with Inner Flame while bonded, she creates a lesser tether to it, slowing all enemies bond (this slow is additive) and dealing Inner flames damage to all other bonded enemies. When Karma casts inspire on a nearby ally while bonded, she will form a tether to that ally and grant herself and all bonded allies the same movementspeed and shield. Limited to 1 lesser tether. * Triggering range is within the tethers break range. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Example Usage **_Want to stop a single enemy (or deal extra damage to it)?_** * W then Q it for 50%, 1.5 second slow ("replaces root") (and deal extra damage to it). _**Want to slow 2 enemies?**_ * W the one enemy, q the other = both slowed (and damaged). _**Want to grant yourself and an ally MS?**_ * W ally or enemy, E yourself or another/same ally. **_Want to hit RQ?_** * W an enemy, throw RQ in there, slow up to 2 enemies briefly by 99% (0.25 seconds). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Benefits * Still can be used as a damaging tool on its own * Promotes and rewards risky Play as dot ramps up/CDR gain * Offers more decision making by ally/enemy cast * Interacts with whole kit * Creative use * Intuitive use * Ability Management and Timing more important * More skillexpression possible * Not overloaded or unfun to play against (I hope) * Usefull for every Role (Mage,Bruiser,Support, Jungle, ADC...) * Damage/Shield transfer is optional, could be removed or weakend (for example only 50% of damage/shield is shared) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- # **Thank you for your feedback!**
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