About Yuumi's W

{{champion:350}} . Oh boy Yuumi. I can finally understand why people hate her. The last game I played with her, I went Mordekaiser jungle. Which should very well still be ok to go. In champ select, I warned my team "hey, my ping might not be good right now." yet I went jungle anyhow and the ping was fine That is not the point of this post. The point of this post is to say how much of a problem I have with her W Now, she's not like Tahm Kench were you can make him spit you out and you can run away from him. No. If she so chooses, she can detach, let you die, and wait for you to respawn before attaching again, and the whole vicious cycle starts again. I didn't want to int, but, the only way I could get her off of me was to purposefully kill myself. She took smite and kept taking ALL of my farm while jungling. The only way I could get her off of me was to die, as she would detach only to save her skin. I cannot stress that enough. I ended up being 0/8 because she wouldn't leave me alone. So, riot, please, give us a way to forcefully remove yuumi if we dont want her on our champion. because, unlike Tahm Kench, you cannot run from her if she decides to troll you.
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